Our patented product *
Production method of Solid Olive & Mastic

Enjoy the exquisite perfume of Natural Mastic
Two age-old and blessed trees, the olive tree and the mastic-tree, enabled us to join their beneficial crops to create the MASTIC-SOAP!

This is our patent soap, which combines all the natural properties of the olive soap but mainly the healing, antiseptic and antibacterial properties of the NATURAL MASTIC AND MASTIC OIL.

Our long research resulteddin a product that not only cleans but also protects the skin from bacterial infections, taking full advantage of mastic' s ability to fight against infections caused by pathogenic or external factors..

Νew product Mastic with mix fragrance.


* Patent No 1004800/31-01-2005 DIPLOMA
..........................TO 12-12-2023


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