Useful tips from soap "AGNO" soap powder

Soap AGNO is a product without chemical additives based on olive-oil. Keeping a constant quality for fifty-five years quarantees the clearneess and helth-care wherever
used. it respects and protects the environment.

A) Hand - Wash : In a wash-basin with tepid water drop a spoon soupe of ‘AGNO’ powder, you leave it for one minute and then stir with hand until rich foam is produced. For strong stains soak the clothes from previous evening. For woollen and silk washed in hand ‘AGNO’. offers clearness by prodecting them.

Β) Laundry : : For 5 kgrs of clothes put half of them into the washing – machine and drop 3 full soup-spoons ‘AGNO’ flakes or powder , not to a single spot only. Then put the rest of them and start washing into program of ‘without pre-washing’.
Attention: Put always correct quantity of clothing depending on your washing - machine.
Always pay attention to the label of clothers.
They may require washin hand and in low temperatures. "AGNO" is ideal for this case. Do not forget once a month wash of your washing machine with food-soda without clothing. Like this you keep your washing-machine and the pipes clean.
Please, read the instructions of yourwashing - machine accordingly.


C) Dish - Wash : Besides baby’s items you can wash all other kitchen’s items with ΄΄AGNO΄΄ powder. The action of disinfectant is perfect, There are not any harmful
left-overs, and there is no need of a lot of water to wash-out.

D) For blankets, fitted carpets, carpets : They are washed with the same way like clothing in hand. Just use proper dosage.

Ε) The Floors : Using ΄΄AGNO΄΄ powder in floors of marbles, tiles or mosaic besides the clearness you have a unique natural shine of your floors that only ΄΄AGNO΄΄ can offer.

Always Remember: By using "AGNO" products on flakes - powder and soap bars you have unique clarity by protecting the environment.

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